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 Your manuscript is complete and you're ready to share your book with the world? We can help you with that, and you'll retain all rights to your manuscript.                                                          


my bookHigh-quality production

If you want to publish with us we will help you format your work and, if desired, prepare the typesetting for you. In the end, we deliver what you care about most: a high-quality book and an easy to access e-book--regardless of whether you want to publish your PhD dissertation, your habilitation, a monograph, or an anthology.

Book Formatting

Formatting your work also simultaneously prepares it for e-book publication. You can format your work yourself with the aid of a template. If you have technical questions, we are happy to offer you advice or a helping hand. If you wish, we can take charge of setting the print for your book.

Printing and binding

Once the formatting has been completed and you have approved the front matter of your work that we have prepared, your book goes to press. Our own print shop and our external partners – with whom we have successfully collaborated for many years – stand behind the high quality of the printing and binding.

Your book in your own hands

As soon as your book has been printed, you receive your copies from us as per contract for your colleagues, family, or friends. Three copies will be sending to you for free to deposit to your university.

Submit your books today

For submission please download and complete our publishing proposal form. You may email the form, and supporting material such as an abstract, sample chapter(s) and/or your CV, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please consider our guidelines for publication ethics.

Please note that we are only accepting submissions for academic publications in all sciences. Works of fiction will not be considered.