Mobilization of the Classics in Sociology

  • Sandro Serpa Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of The Azores Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences – CICS.UAc/CICS.NOVA.UAc Interdisciplinary Centre for Childhood and Adolescence – NICA -UAc, Portugal Corresponding Author
  • Carlos Miguel Ferreira ISCTE -University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences –CICS Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies, Portugal


The reading and understanding of the classical authors of sociology are informative of sociology as a science. However, is this centrality ascribed to social perspectives – which have been proposed in another social and historical context – the consolidation of a body of knowledge of sociology, in which there is a growing refinement of theory? What are the advantages, but also the limitations, of this valuation of the classics? In this position paper, mobilizing relevant literature to justify our argumentative stance, we seek to provide a contribution to answering these questions, as well as some implications.


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Serpa, S., & Ferreira, C. M. (2020). Mobilization of the Classics in Sociology. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 10(3), 35.