The Fight Against Terrorism


  • Fatos Hasani


Understanding the phenomenon of terrorism, his perception and conceptual theories developed for this purpose have a special importance. Only after acquainted with a phenomenon, then we can face it. So after this process we can guarantee the highest possible protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms that can be put under a huge risk of such an operation of revealing the phenomenon. Providing consultancy to policy-making and executive power bodies, the active action in the fight against terrorism including the sciences product offer different fields, as a key instrument in this process is of special importance. Challenges they offer, the desire to serve a cause higher still, that of increasing the rights and fundamental freedoms on the highest pedestal, requires the scientists to do something more, which will inspire many other efforts in the future to assist in preventing and combating the terrorist threat. In this spirit, the technology offered policies for the EU and generally front against terrorism, a key instrument for achieving this goal.


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