Phonetic and Morphological Analysis of Word Formation of Tatar Names


  • Damir Haydarovich Husnutdinov Kazan Federal University, Kazakhstan
  • Ramilya Kamilovna Sagdieva Kazan Federal University, Kazakhstan
  • Ramil Hamitovich Mirzagitov Kazan Federal University, Kazakhstan
  • Radik Ramilevich Galiullin Naberezhnye Chelny Pedagogical University, Tatarstan
  • Ayakoz Oteukyzy Baidauletova LLP Kyzylorda “Bolashak” University, Kazakhstan


There is a growing need for a scientific study of all types of proper names that represent a certain category of words in the lexical system of any language. The current stage of linguistics development is characterized by the rapid growth of the onomastics research conducted on the material of various languages. This research targeted at Tatar surnames aims to understand their origin and phonetic-morphological changes. The research considers proper names that are formed by adding two or three stems. It distinguishes the following models of word formation of proper names: noun + noun, noun + adjective, noun + verb, adjective + noun. After the ethnolinguistic features and phenomena of interlinguistic contact have been studied, it is found that Tatar surnames originate from nicknames, class titles and names of professions, place names, ethnonyms, appellatives. The methods are chosen due to the purpose and objectives of the research, as well as to the specifics of the material under study. This research mainly uses the methods of grammatical analysis, namely: a descriptive method, a comparative-historical method, a descriptive-analytical method, and the method of continuous sampling. The descriptive method involves collecting the material followed by its systematization that allows considering different forms and types, general and specific characteristics. The comparative-historical approach helps to study the peculiarities of interaction between the Tatar language and other languages.


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Husnutdinov, D. H., Sagdieva, R. K., Mirzagitov, R. H., Galiullin, R. R., & Baidauletova, A. O. (2019). Phonetic and Morphological Analysis of Word Formation of Tatar Names. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 8(4), 56. Retrieved from