Management Concepts and Theories, the Strategic Development Levels on Transfer Organizational Work in the Poor Countries


  • Alba Robert Dumi Vlora University Albania
  • Edit Ura NY College, USA
  • Estela Çobo “Ismail Qemali” Vlora University


In this study we have aimed at the assessment of the strategic management level in Albania. The
study focuses companies and industries selected in the Albanian environment. The purpose of the
study is to analyze the business environment of the selected industries, how much do these industries
know the environment in which they operate and how capable are they to get oriented in this
environment. The study is conducted in the period 2012.The survey data was collected from
questionnaire forms filled in by these companies. Two classification criteria were used in selecting
the companies: the size of the firm and the nature of the industry the firm belong to. The study is
divided into three parts, where the strategic management level of these companies is studied based on
each selection criteria. The first part of the survey examines and evaluates the strategic management
level by considering the size of the firm. Diversity in management practices as we go around the
world has been recognized in U.S management literature for more than 30 years. The term
“comparative management” has been used since the 1960s to 2011. However, it has taken much
longer for the U.S academic community to accept that not only practices but also the validity of
theories may stop at national borders and I wonder whether even today everybody would agree with
this statement. The results show that behavioral differentiation affects perceptions of effectiveness.
Contrary to the hypothesis, the effects of the four measures of behavioral differentiation on
perceptions of effectiveness are not all positive and not all significant. It is interesting that
behavioral differentiation affects subordinates and peers perceptions of effectiveness negatively and
superiors perceptions of effectiveness positively in management steeps.


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Dumi, A. R. ., Ura, E. ., & Çobo, E. . (2012). Management Concepts and Theories, the Strategic Development Levels on Transfer Organizational Work in the Poor Countries. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(2), 181. Retrieved from



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