Impact of Student Learning at Home Prevent Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia


  • Amrazi Zakso Tanjungpura University, Jl. Prof. Dr. H. Hadari Nawawi, Bansir Laut, Kec. Pontianak Tenggara, Kota Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat 78124, Indonesia
  • Iskandar Agung Center of Research Policy, Research and Development and Books Agency, MOEC, Indonesia



pandemic, management, learning, literacy, participation


This paper aims to explain the impact of implementing student learning at home in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic on school management, learning activities, reading literacy, and parental participation. The paper is the result of a short study by distributing questionnaires to junior high school students in various regions. From the distribution of the questionnaire obtained 558 students. The analysis technique uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) processed through the Lisrel 8.70 program. The implementation of student learning at home has a positive impact on school management, learning activities, reading literacy and parental participation in their children. However, student learning at home still faces several obstacles, both in terms of students and schools and teachers. Students who still rely on teachers as a source of face-to-face teaching said that studying at school is better than at home, absorbing teaching materials more easily and overcoming learning difficulties. In the case of schools and teachers, there are still many who are not ready to provide learning at home, let alone many who do not have digital technology. To carry out student learning at home still requires optimal stakeholder roles. One of them is the government, it is recommended to provide adequate laptops and internet access in schools that can be used by teachers and students in learning.


Received: 2 September 2020 / Accepted: 22 December 2020 / Published: 5 March 2021


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Zakso, A. ., & Agung, I. . (2021). Impact of Student Learning at Home Prevent Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(2), 228.



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