Political Speaking in Art: Cultural Images of the Transforming Society


  • Fjoralba Satka Aleksandër Moisiu University, Albania


This paper represents an examination in the field of visual art, in particular of painting, where political speaking has altered the traditional understanding and interpreting art images, their sociological context and the language of their messages. Political speaking in art is a challenge for artists to create models of cultural images of the Albanian transforming community, as well as it is a challenge for the audience to decode them. The focus of the paper is on the comparison between the politically speaking art of ‘socialist realism’ and understanding of its cultural images, and how the democratic changes in the state conceptualized the visual representation of the politically speaking contemporary painting. Political speaking in art is not only a special artistic feature, but it has functions to educate and cultivate, and to accustom to thought. Political speaking in the art of ‘socialist realism’ was used by the policy as a tool for premeditated ideological persuasion. It created a model of art that disseminated its influence through all socialist countries. Contemporary politically speaking Albanian art not only delivers rational agonistic modelsof art that use the public space for dethroning the same glorified communist policy, but has wider functions.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2013.v2n11p160


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