Shaping the Gender Socialization Through Different Models of Behavior


  • Elvira Dode


Gender equality education prepares civics who takes responsibilities for social, politic, economic issues and even for democratization processes. Its social effect, if it is not treated carefully may lead into the discrimination of some individual`s categories according to gender basis. The consciousness and the commitment for achieving gender equality are reflected even in the policies and strategies for education development. Including gender perspective in schools is a prerequisite inalienable of human development, instead insuring gender equality it is considered as respecting human rights. School environment, community and other actors have their influence into the creation of a perfect climate for realizing the education process in the most effective way. Attitudes, parents and teachers behaviors are seen as a role model and affect the civic education of pupils. From the other side, they help into solving the gender problems of pupils. Comparing the ratio of gender stereotypes exposure between attitudes and stands in the education system we conclude that there is a need for increasing the care that must be shown for integrating the gender education in the civic education framework of students.The scope of the undertaken study is to perform the scale and shape in which gender stereotypes are portrayed and shown in social life and their affect in the education for a democratic society. To achieve this scope, we use the method of studying the existing literature; a detailed analysis of the questionnaires and interviews content with school directors and teachers of pre-graduated education conducting researches abroad geographical extension in cities: Shkodër, Tiranë, Elbasan, Pogradec, Korçë. Nurturing the values of democratic culture, spiritual emancipation and open mind, enables shaping healthy individuals ready to contribute to the proper well-functioning society.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n2p27


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