Teacher as a Decisive Factor to Enhance the Quality in School


  • Lina Vaso


The role of teachers in teaching-educational work is considered as the most important subjective factor to the school for the realization of the learning process and success at school, therefore the time has repeatedly raised as an issue to be solved: increase the role of teachers in the educational process and further promoting his moral image. In order to reach the top, the teacher is placed at the center of the reform process without distraction from the concrete activity that he performs in the classroom and his concrete effects on the results of the students. He serves on the institution of preparation of the future students, cadres and specialists for multi-year terms. This implies the strengthening and deepening of the scientific content of the education process, gathering experience and actuality. To accomplish his mission successfully, the teacher is required to be competent in his professional field, creative and demonstrate pedagogical mastery. Despite the lengthy transition difficulties, teachers have increased their efforts to crack and argue the phenomena, concepts, laws, the most essential rules which promote the creative thinking of students to elaborate formative knowledge needed in their lives. Teacher's professional dedication and motivation in work have been significant factors for the planning, organization and execution of all work with students. With his professional ability and pedagogical and psychological preparation the teacher has enabled the successful performance of educational work; certainly not to the extent necessary and in the way he wished to be, because the transition conditions did not allow the complete implementation of his illuminative aspirations and mission. The teacher tried to include all students in the learning process by providing learning and education alternatives in terms of training students for self-learning. Seen in this light, we might say that, the criterion of professional evaluation of teachers, his level and ideological and scientific formation, is still the promotion of students’ creative thinking, education of independent work habits for quick orientation and integration into life and the labor market. The implementation of the reform to teachers was a necessity to increase their professionalism and in this respect a number of criteria were set by MES and the government regarding teachers’ employment. A simple application would be inadequate for employment; other requirements such as Master degrees, knowledge of a foreign language and pre-qualification would also be asked in this regard. Currently, MAS also requires the teacher's portfolio, his continuous testing and qualification.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p83


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