Geopolitics of Albania in the Balkans after NATO Membership


  • Mirela Metushaj


The purpose of this paper is a brief analysis of Albanian geopolitics after NATO membership. We are still a developing country with different social as well as political problems, we are paving the way for the consolidation of a solid asset of Albanian society where state institutions operate safely and transparently, while providing security and stability to Albanian society as a whole. Diplomatic relations with our neighbors were completely vague course during these years also because of the political system in power before the 90s as well as after the collapse of the communist regime, the Albanian transition has not facilitated a consolidation of relations in the region. NATO membership was a crucial change for Albania, for the situation in the country but above all for the positioning of Albania in the region and beyond. But what steps are taken and what is to be improved to have a dignified representation in the international arena of the Albanian state and what initiatives should be undertaken to give our contribution in maintaining peace and stability in the region .

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p400


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