Problems and Challenges Facing Today's Construction Sector in Albania


  • Ariet Malaj
  • Ingrid Shuli


In the early 90's one of the most powerful sectors of the economy has been the construction, which has seen considerable growth in value. Today this market is growing at a slower rate than in the first years of transition. Some of the causes of this progress are the world economic crisis, limited sources of financing, the informal economy, etc. Through the study of foreign literature and the experiences of the country in this field we try to identify the problems encountered today in the construction sector and its prospects. This paper will present the construction sector as a whole, from its impact on GDP, the funding problems, and the constant requests from the sector for improvements in the tax system. Through a survey conducted in major construction firms operating in Albania we realize that construction firms should pay more and more attention to the improvement of management and they must start to work with studies and projects prepared before. Regarding the methodology used, most represented by: Secondary data carefully analyzed seriously. The methodology used is based on analysis of legislation in this area as well as studies conducted in developed countries. Are used in various international reports, conference papers, statistical database, online publications, and various online sites to meet the objectives of the study in question. Primary data that are acquired through survey of construction companies and meetings with representatives of tax authorities. The difficulties were mainly related to the skepticism on the procurement of information. The construction sector and construction activities are considered major sources of economic growth. It can be considered as a mechanism for generating employment by providing employment opportunities to a large number of unskilled employees, semi-skilled and skilled.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p572


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