Legal Frame for the Children Rights under Refugees Situation, as in Albanian Case


  • Lisjana Çukaj


During the last years became evident a tendency of increasing the number of refugee children,considering their age and maturity, they need special care under the refugee situation.The position of refugee children in the convention is very clear, it obligates the countries to insure the necessary measurements needed to the refugee children, to enjoy the basic rights of the convention as well as the rights of other international instruments. Although this phenomena is a relatively new case for Albanian society, including special categories such as children. Albania is charged to guarantee children rights observance and application under the refugee situation in conformity to the convention.Description of the rights in Albanian context is performed in order to identify the legal deficiency. Via analyses is aimed the Albanian legislation improvement from the responsible institutions, in order to protect the children’s right under the refugee situation. The effective defense will be possible only if the state will insure certified rights under children’s rights convention and government will assist in sharing encumbrance for options ratification in refugee’s children assimilation. In the last years the legislation improvement in relation to the human rights and children’s rights can not be denied.However it can not be denied the fact that most of laws remained just declarative and inapplicable, and did not had the right impact.New legal initiatives should be undertaken.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p648


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