The Importance and the Role of Offer Analysis in the Labour Market


  • Arben Terpollari
  • Klodiana Gorica
  • Edmond Kadiu


This paper addresses a current and acute problem in our country and more specifically on employment and unemployment in the county of Berat. The case of this phenomenon summarized in this paper does not stand out of the general case of unemployment or employment in our country. The study of this phenomenon is given through a detailed analysis from the primary data collected directly in this area, but also from an analysis of other data processed carefully in view of highlighting the aim and meeting the objectives of this paper. The population of the county consists and is composed in certain ratios between rural and urban areas, education, age, ratios which for a period of time have been changed both in its composition and structure. This study is not focused on the definition or on general terms such as unemployment, but it aims a deeper analysis of unemployment in form and content, making the real reflection of the unemployment rate, its level and the factors that cause it. This paper goes beyond the general analysis of that has been done so far by other alternative studies in the same area, with an emphasis on the definition and identification of these factors, how do they affect employment or unemployment, increasing or decreasing its rate and which is their impact on the influence of this phenomenon. This paper gives in details the ways or opportunities to be followed to reduce or minimize the rate of unemployment.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n1p265


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Terpollari, A., Gorica, K., & Kadiu, E. (2016). The Importance and the Role of Offer Analysis in the Labour Market. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 5(1), 265. Retrieved from



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