Challenges and Difficulties of Young Orphans in Tirana in Search of Employment


  • Orneda Gega


This study aims to present a parallel between the opportunities provided to the young orphans by the state in order to find employment on one hand and the efforts made by the orphans themselves for employment on the other hand. Research question: - What are the challenges and difficulties faced by the orphans in search of employment? In order to realize this article we used various sources, including the Albanian legislation pertaining to this issue, studies which involved this target group as well as information accessed from the Internet. This article is based on a quantitative research conducted in the city of Tirana. The method used for data collection includes data collected in the field and from questionnaires completed by young orphans who live in secondary school dormitories in Tirana. The study revealed that the chances for employment offered by legislation to young orphans and also support services provided by the state for these orphans have a particular impact on their employment. The study concludes that the categories of orphans face unemployment as a result of the lack of support services by the state. Furthermore, failure to comply with the legislation has led orphans in a vicious circle of suffering, social exclusion, unemployment and hard living conditions.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n2p137


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