Teacher Evaluation Policies in Albania


  • Klodiana Leka


This paper is focused on the overall purpose of the evaluation of teachers and on the teachers' evaluation policies in Albania. Evaluation purpose is to protect and improve the quality of teaching, so that boards should ensure a process that allows and encourages supervisors and teachers collaboration to improve teaching practices in the classroom. Developing high-quality professionals should be available for every teacher. Professional development programs should be based on state standards, the district where the school is located, learning goals and the identified needs of students and teachers. In addition, all new teachers must have objective support and participate in an introductory and counselling program. Evaluation of teachers tends to influence professional development and career decisions. The literature suggests that assessment strategies are used by objective. If the objective is the responsibility, there should be used summative strategies; if the objective is professional growth, there should be used formative strategies. According to the Institute of Education Development in Albania, professional standards for teachers are part of a broader framework of documents involving all education system. Teacher evaluation tests are performed only in Tirana from evaluation tests commissions. From this paper it is seen that there is lack of a comprehensive policy for the development of teaching profession and teacher evaluation systems in Albania which lack theoretical foundation. Likewise, there is lack of studies, national estimates on the basis of which would have drawn up policies and would be taken better decisions for teachers.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n2p145


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