International and Regional Organizations in the Balkan, the Case of Kosovo


  • Arif Riza
  • Adrian Leka


Before talking to international and regional organizations, I will briefly tell you the history of the establishment of International Organizations and Regional Organizations. All International Organization are classified by their field of activity (around the globe in one or more continents), by their activity (military, political, economic, financial, etc.); in thedecisionmaking ways (only a number of member states in the relevant organs of the organization), to the time of operation (permanent or temporary) etc. In this paper I shall try to give an overview of the functioning of organizations ranging from membership (type of membership), dismissal, suspension and the rights and obligations of members; financing, the immunity and privileges of diplomatic staff in International Organizations. Certainly in this paper I will attempt to explain the role of Regional Organizations in particular on the Balkans including Kosovo. Today International Organizations became an important part of the economyin one country or regionand it plays a major role in the development and democratization of countries. Today without the existence of International Organizations the objectives of states, could hardly be achieved. The paper is based on the research and referring to various contemporary books, resources from the official website addresses, various journals and scientific articles.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n2p163


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