Suicide Attempts and Self-Inflicting on Prison Custody and Prisons


  • Fatbardha Myslimaj
  • Eglantina Dervishi


This study present some of the cases in Albania that happened during 2005-2012, taken from pre trial detention and prison, focusing on the causes that lead to suicide. To show the number of the cases of suicide in Albania according to pre trial detention and prison of Tirana taken from the records of the General Prison of Tirana for period 2005- 2012, from a research done for pre trial detention and prison. To compare the data according to sex, age, location. Show the suicidal behaviours that these cases show before suicide. To explore the reasons and causes that lead to suicide. To propose a way of stopping this event from happening. The cases that will be shown in this presentation are taken from the office of files and records in the pre trial detention and prison for the city of Tirana, Albania. In this research are not included some cases of falling from great height because it could not be defined by police if it was a suicide or just an accident. Pre trial detention is considered to be more traumatic than prison because the accused one’s have to face for the first time with isolation even though they may have been accused injucticly. The stress becomes even more tense also because they have to wait for their trial that will decide their future. During their time there the accused one can feel alone, forgotton, and start blaming themselves. Mean while the imprisoned can handle isolation much better.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n2p175


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