Social Economic Development and the Human Resources Management


  • Nada Krypa


Bratton & Gold (2000) stated that socio economic development is playing crucial role in managing human resource progression in developed and developing countries. In the contemporary era developed countries such as USA, UK, Australia and many other European countries are using such progression strategies. National Socio-Economic Development Plan is one of the major strategies that involve welfare of unemployment, poverty, infrastructural development and transportation up gradation. Moreover, socio economic development also includes set up of hospitals and educational institutions (Bambangi, 2007). Such development statistics and process are outlined in various newspapers, magazines and periodical articles. These informative papers help the local human resource management in gaining proper insights on working and economic policies. In the current study importance and relation between socio-economic development and the human resources management will be outlined.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2017.v6n1p73


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