The Role of Teacher Education in Improving Quality Education for a Functional Society


  • Rowell Ubogu Institute of Education, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria



The role of teachers’ education in improving quality education for a functional society is a paper-based upon the need to reiterate the essence of teacher education in Nigeria. The study adopted the use of two research questions, tested using mean, and two hypotheses also tested using Pearson Correlation and t-test statistics. A questionnaire designed with an internal consistency of 0.89 coefficient using Crombach Alpha was administered to lecturers and students from three (3) Colleges of Education (Namely, College of Education Warri, College of Education, Agbor, and College of Physical Education, Mosogar) all in Delta State, and a sample size of 174 was derived based on the number of questionnaires retrieved. The finding of the study revealed that Teacher education contributes to quality education in the Nigerian Society when educationist is acknowledging as a source of reference as custodians of knowledge and as a consultant to consultants. It further demonstrated that there is a statistically significant correlation between teacher education in enhancing quality education and a functional Nigerian Society. It was established that teacher education is the channel for achieving not only educational goals (quality education) but also industrialization, which implies a successful and functional society. The researcher recommends that a feedback mechanism be put in place by the government, policymakers and educational stakeholders to actualize implementation of educational policies on teacher education.


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Ubogu, R. (2020). The Role of Teacher Education in Improving Quality Education for a Functional Society. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 10(2), 85.