Higher Education Level in Albanian Case Study and Effective Teaching Improving Methodology


  • Evis(a) Celo College of Humanities, University of Vlora, Albania Lecturer in English language department ”Ismail Qemali” Vlora University, Albania Management Department, Economy Faculty, Tirana, Albania
  • Alba Dumi Dean of graduated school, University of Vlora Albania


The objective of this paper is two-fold: on the one hand, to analyze from the student’s point of view how they value
the restructuring of teaching as a result of the Bologna process and what are the implications for students with regards to both
their academic qualifications and their future incorporation into the labour market; and, on the other hand, to deduce from the
results obtained recommendations which may help to guide teachers towards successful internationalization and collaboration
between interuniversity networks, as well as achieving greater standards of quality within university teaching. Higher Education
Area, Vlora University and Pavaresia private university in region of Vlora and the future of management, teaching and research
within universities to be introduced by 2010 are now a thing of the past. The Albanian High level study is a reality that now must
be taken on board; no time is left for philosophizing, reticence or insecurity. Improvements to the quality of our university
teaching and research represent the most stable objective and, with that, improvements to everything else within the system: its
structure, its management, teaching resources and research, among others. The time has come to transfer university knowledge
beyond national and linguistic boundaries; No doubt, the accreditation of qualifications contributes to this goal, as do study
periods abroad, opening up extra-communitarian frontiers, employment opportunities in foreign firms, collaborative projects and
research through European inter-university networks.


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