University Professor: Researcher or Employee?


  • Nayereh Shahmohamadi Research and Educational Planning organization, Iran


A professor plays an important rule in a university. He is more than just a researcher or glorified teacher. He has a passion for
acquiring and disseminating new knowledge in his field of specialty. He has numerous responsibilities, from teaching students and
assistant to research and administration. Acquiring job security in a tenure-track position is a highly sought after prize for those seeking a
career in academia. Tenure provides professors with a life of learning, flexibility, a stimulating work environment, opportunities in
different sectors, and the reward of working with young minds. For those who find this lifestyle attractive and are considering
professorship as a career, it is important to understand role of a professor. Considering this, unfortunately nowadays one can find in
many universities that the task of a university teacher has changed from planner, developer, researcher to the function. In other word he
has become an employee, his main concern become salary and traditional teaching. He has been converted into narrowly defined
knowledge entrepreneurs and often feels excluded or marginalized as a leader by his own university. The balance among different tasks
of a professor i.e. teaching, research, and service, however, differs widely across institution typesThus the question is :a) what is major
role of a university professor? b) Whether a university professor should try to apply his knowledge to facilitate students’ better
understanding of the study course and provide better services to the society. b) Whether He should take the initiative to attend national
and international conferences, seminars, in his field through which he can gain experiences .This study tries to answer these questions.


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