Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Development


  • Alba Dumi Management Department, Economy Faculty, Tirana, Albania, Dean of graduated school, University of Vlore Albania
  • Zamira Sinaj Director of health care regional office, Vlora Albania
  • Miranda Nuhiu Law Department SEEU University of Tetove Macedonia


This paper looks at Intellectual Property Rights and the relation they have with economic growth. It also reveals the
instruments of Intellectual Property Rights and their impact on the developing and developed countries. At the end it analyzes where
Kosovo stands in regards to Intellectual Property rights and what are the steps that should be taken for the situation to improve.
Intellectual property is an old concept. We can find the first step in Venetian law of the year 1474, reference is often, in terms of initial
systematic approach to the protection of inventions by a form of patent, while setting an exclusive right of an individual, eliminating for
the first time, the public interest. Before the 1800-es, although examples of industrial concentration can be identified by some European
countries, output growth was more a matter of craft production in small scale, how new methods and radical organizations. Now, the
Intellectual Property Rights is one strong point for developing the economic growth all over the world. On the other hand in this study we
are trying to investigate the progress of the Intellectual Property Rights in Albania and in Kosova institutions and government progressing
reforms. The findings of this paper are some data, gathering in statistical analyze. Intellectual Property Rights in now days is not an old
concept, but it evaluate with improving low reforming. The conclusions of this paper research consist in: The infrastructure and
technological advancement in this country is still weak, therefore major innovations and discoveries are unlikely to happen ( Kosovo
case) In Albania the situation is in perfection wnder low influences.


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