Gender Differences in Education Attainment (Enrollments and Graduations) in Albania. Main Issues and Challenges


  • Daniela Kalaja University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Work Faculty of Social Sciences, Tirana; Albania


The education level is a highly important indicator that tells about the women and girls status in the Albanian society. Statistical
data show that in Albania, girls are more successful than boys in all levels of education. Although girls represent the largest number of
enrollments and graduations in all levels of education, as well as give a very significant contribution to the education domain, their social
and economic status leaves a lot to be desired. The big surprise of the past few decades has been women’s huge advance into tertiary
education. Crucially, women’s lead at first-degree level does not so far seem to have translated into better job opportunities. There are
certainly other factors affecting here apart from the education, like the economic and cultural level, mentality, tradition, media
stereotypes, division of power on gender basis, legislation, geographical location, place of residence, etc. This paper focuses on gender
differences in educational achievements as well as gender differences in the educational system, based on the fact that education is
known worldwide as a significant indicator of a society’s social and economic development. Literature review and statistical data
analyzed have been main methods used in preparing this paper.The universal argument that women’s and girls’ education reduces
poverty’s transmitting from a generation to the next is very important, because it enhances their capacity aiming the socialization of the
coming generation, as well as increases their potentials to contribute in social, economic and political aspects of the national
development, augments the need for conducting research in this field.


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