Problems of Third Age According Cases Study at Daily Elders Centre of Durrës Municipality


  • Klara Mergo Tirana University, Faculty of Social Science
  • Mirjam Reçi University of Durrës “A. Moisiu”


The object of this study is Daily Elder Centre (DEC) in Durrës. Subject of this study is the target group that it is support DEC.
The aim of this study: “To known social problems that has elder people, members of Daily Elders Centre (DEC) in Durrës. The objectives
of this study: To identify problem of DEC members, and to evaluated every problem. There were study 90 persons (member of DEC);
were created two questionnaire formats to collect the information by DEC members. Were used as source the basic registers of DEC
and personal files of members. Were considered as indicator assessment “hierarchy of needs” according to Maslow’s theory, and low
number 7703 on 11/05/1993 for “minimal and maximal pension for old people in urban aria of Albania; contemporaneous services
offered for old people in the developed countries. Discussion of the results brought some of these conclusions: 1. The elderly of the DEC
consider the income level insufficient. 2. The elderly of DEC do not have the life that desire. 3. The elderly of DEC feels in threatened
from old age. 4. The elderly of DEC feels alone. “Aging at home” is identified as a very significant desire among the elderly. This
preference for living in a family environment seems to indicate a desire to maintain independence, and not to withdraw from society.


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