Internet as a New Source of Information, Opportunities and Problems


  • Ina K. Zhupa Phd. Student. Professor at the Social Science Faculty, in the European University of Tirana Dean of Students at European University of Tirana


With the start of the new century, technological innovation has no doubt some of the great changes in information and
communication area. The advent of online information creates new perspective but also placed at suitable new problem in the
processing of information sources. In this article we deal in particular the growing number of "information sources" with the advent of the
internet in the field of journalism and making news. Here we try to understand with examples and cases that in the internet does not exist
any guaranty for the information which in many news network are given by groups or individuals who may not know the truth or don’t
want to tell the truth, then you wonder how to trust that content and what tools used to prove the reliability. A new vocational skills that
the reporter needs that, you can define a "network culture" (and digital), ie a type of knowledge that takes hold of us working on the
internet looking for information in different places where we discuss (in blogs, twitter, facebook, mailing lists etc.) by using new search
engines and other tools that can provide network and periodically renewed. We will try to understand how the term information has
expanded its meaning over the past decade with the rise of New Journalism, and which meets the seasonality difficulty in finding and
interpreting information source on the network.


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