Education and Gender Issues in Albania: Kukes Region Case


  • Enkelejda Cenaj Faculty of Education, “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres


This research was conducted to investigate the realities and mentalities on the education of girls and women in Albania,
focusing on the case of the Kukes Region, by gathering quantitative and qualitative data. Education is one of the most important factors
that contribute directly on empowering girls and women. If girls and women do not take an education and a profession, they will be
unable to get involved to the waves of rapid changes of the modern society. As a result they will remain focused on their gender roles,
trapped in their home duties. In this research 400 people were invited to participate in the questionnaires, 25 people in the opened
interviews. The findings revealed that education for girls and women in Albania and in Kukes Region particularly, is very difficult
especially because of the impact of the patriarchal society, old mentality, and gender roles.


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