Assessment as a Veritable Tool for Effective Teaching and Learning


  • Odo John Ogah Biology Department, College Of Education, Oju Benue State, Nigeria


This paper examines assessment as a tool for effective teaching and learning. It revealed the concept of teaching and learning in lined with its improvement through the use of assessment. The concept of assessment and its various forms were x-rayed as a means of assessing both the teaching and learning. The author thereafter examines the problems of operating assessment in the schools to include among others, the difficulty of incorporating assessment scores to final examinations, lack of qualified teachers and large classes. The author further shield light on the implications of assessment to teaching and learning with the main idea that, where assessment is implemented effectively, it raises standard of achievement across the board. Finally, the author recommends among others that stakeholders in education and the external examination bodies should brain storm on the possible ways to incorporate assessment scores of students to final examination scores, government and private organizations should assist in training and re-training of teachers to effectively handle students’ assessment and teachers were called upon to find way of receiving better feedback from learners by improving on the quality of class room dialogue.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n9p133


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