Perspectives on Higher Education and the Labor Market Outcomes in Nigeria


  • Roseline O. Osagie


This study examines the role of higher education in improving labor market outcomes with a particular focus on public policy considerations in Nigeria. One important institution the labor market relies on for the production of high level manpower is the university. This is so because of the link between higher education knowledge and business practice. The study found that government policies need to be seen within a broader macroeconomic context if higher education is to contribute to national economic growth. The study also found that policies aimed at improving the skills of the workforce will have limited impact on the national economy unless there is a place in the labor market that demands those skills. This study recommends among others, agriculture, infrastructure construction for both rural and urban geography, manufacturing, international partnership for employment creation for higher education graduates in the labor market.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2014.v4n3p125


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