School Activities-Time Mix of Head-Teachers in Public Primary Schools in Nigeria


  • U. Momoh
  • B.O. Ogonor


The worry of examination bodies and stakeholders over the continuous slide in pupil/student performance in public schools and the ability of school leadership to realize the goals of the education system as enshrined in the National Policy on Education necessitated this study which sought to find out the school activities-time mix of Head-Teachers in public primary schools in Nigeria. One research question and three hypotheses were raised for the study. The study employed a descriptive survey design and the Proportional sampling technique to select 116 Head-Teachers and data was collected with a Checklist. The Checklist was used to find out the amount of time spent on Pupil-Personnel, Instructional Supervision, Community-School Relationship, Instructional and Curriculum Development, School Plant and General Tasks. The result was analyzed using the Frequency distribution and T-test and it revealed that primary schools' Head-Teachers in Nigeria spend more time on General Tasks. It was discovered that gender and size of school did not vary significantly in the School Activities-Time Mix of Head-Teachers. Qualification and experience were however found to be significant. It was therefore recommended that Head-Teachers should spend more time on Supervision of Instruction and Experience and Qualification should be considered in the appointment of Head-Teachers to ensure equitable distribution of time on all school activities

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2014.v4n3p415


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