Alcohol Consumption Behaviour among Secondary School Students in Nigeria


  • F.O Bada
  • D.R Adebiyi


The prevalence of alcohol consumption among teenagers and especially those at secondary school level has led to a number of societal anomalies such as decline in students' academic performance, violence and various forms of anti-social behaviour. These led to the birth of this study geared to know the factors that facilitate alcohol drinking and also to know if there is difference in the behaviour of male and female after consumption of alcohol. The study employed a descriptive research of survey type .The research instrument was titled "Alcohol consumption Questionnaire". The face and content validity was ascertained by Psychologist and Guidance and counselling experts. A reliability coefficient of 0.85 was obtained using split half method. The population consist of all students in Ado-Local government. One hundred and forty samples were selected through stratified and simple random sampling techniques. The finding revealed that family background and religion were strong correlates of alcohol consumption among secondary school students. Again, it was found out at that the family should take appropriate measures in curbing their children also that religious bodies approach the issues of alcoholism with more firm measures.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2014.v4n3p507


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