A ?Medication? Necessary for the Improvement of Scholastic Efficiency: Didamedicla1


  • Aida Gjinali


CLL method (Community Language Learning) by Curran and Rogers, designed as a therapy which concentrates on the customer, is based on human psychological researches that embrace the human nature and determine the tools which will be used to understand it deeply and solve human issues. Curran?s idea made us meditate on the fact that, in order to cure a certain pathology we use different medications, so, we came to the idea why not to use a ?medication? to cure ?pathologies? or different ?pathologic symptoms? a teacher encounters in his workplace on a daily basis. We are not talking about a miracle ?medication?, that would solve all the issues of humankind and all the issues encountered each day at school, but we are talking about a ?medication? that would improve the students? abilities and the class atmosphere. We will try to bring forth its main characteristics, such as: its specific category, content, therapeutic indicators, careful use, its interaction towards other ?medications?, preliminary analysis we have to undergo, daily use according to age, need, dosage, way and time of use, care and danger in case of misuse, overdose or lack of dosage, side effects, form and content. It is certain that we should not avoid periodic checks and continuous consultation on positive or negative effects gained by use and way of use, therefore, we consider as necessary continuous check ups, and if needed, change in dose, methods and techniques. We conclude by hoping that this ?medication? will assist teachers in reaching their objective and in discovering new information resources ?medicine?-modern didactics offers.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p19


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