Transnational Education in Turkey


  • Deniz Erguvan


The objective of this study is to glance at the status of transnational education in Turkey and analyze the country?s level of preparedness for TNE. To this end, some demographic data, financial indicators, Higher Education Council (Y?K) facts and statistics and government discourse on the subject have been studied, transnationalization attempts of foundation and state universities have been analysed and academics and specialists have been consulted. As a result of this study, the findings could be summarized as Turkey is a young country with a growing appetite for university education, with around 2 million people taking the university entrance exam every year. Despite the growing demand, supply is still limited though rising. The Turkish government has a keen interest in internationalising the higher education sector and is actively seeking and promoting partnerships with foreign governments and institutions. The number of foreign students has substantially increased within the last few years and is expected to continue in the medium and long term. Although there has been a spike in interest from transnational education providers, it is still a virgin market with plenty of opportunities for early entrance of western universities.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p227


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