Learning of Bullying’s Acts Throught Social Learning


  • FitnetHasekiu “Aleksander Xhuvani” University Faculty of Educational Sciences Psychology, Elbasan, Albania


This scientific article is focused on the learning process of bullying’s acts; especially on the learning of bullying’s acts throught social learning (mainly by observation).From the analysed data in statistical way of the observations and the surveys conducted in two 9-year schools and two high schools in the city of Elbasan, it is found out that students more likely imitate the bullying’s behaviors of their favourite students, of their parents or of the characters of different films. In this way, by adding those imitations some personal behavioral elements, they learn a new type of behavior. Many bullying’s acts are learnt through observation. Observers in the case of bullying’s acts are students and observational models include friends or classmates, parents, teachers, siblings, heroes of books, favourite sportsmen etc. From the analysed data in statistical way, it is also found out that the bullying’s behaivors are especially repeated when the student sees that the model, whom he imitates, has received indirect reinforcements from his bullying’s acts. Students can learn bullying’s acts through observation of models, who perform bullying’s acts. Students are more likely to learn through observation of bullying’s acts performed by a model, who has been indirected reinforced as result of this bullying’s acts.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n7p131


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