Dynamics, Characteristics and Prospects of Consumer Spending in Albania


  • Alqi Naqellari
  • Eros Angjeli
  • Nexhmi Dumani


In this paper analyzes the problem of the dynamics of income and expenditure of households in Albania. Analyzing costs in general, spending on food in particular, both connected with a range of other indicators of welfare, with per capita income, expenses for the basket of goods, according to its elements and structure. Survey basket expenditure according to regions of Albania. Analyzed per capita income, expenses basket compared with countries in the region, Europe and the world. The goal is: to extract an accurate conclusion, the place at which ranks Albania in these indicators. What to do in the future, in order to emerge from this negative situation. The conclusions drawn from the analysis are: Albania ranks last places of the world, the indicator of per capita income and expenditure of households. Ranked in first countries in the region and in Europe for the indication of the percentage of expenditure on food and non-alcoholic drinks to the total cost of items in the basket. This situation has come as a result of lower rates of growth of its economy. It recommended changes in the structure of GDP in terms of growth of light industry and food industry extraction and processing, etc. By developing these branches will grow faster GDP and national income, and consequently will increase per capita income. Methods used are: methods of analysis and synthesis, methods of description and comparison, statistical methods etc.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2017.v7n2p81


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Naqellari, A., Angjeli, E., & Dumani, N. (2017). Dynamics, Characteristics and Prospects of Consumer Spending in Albania. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 7(2), 81. Retrieved from https://www.richtmann.org/journal/index.php/jesr/article/view/9923