The Financial Performance of MFIs in Albania


  • Alma Delija


This documents aims to study the progress of the development of two operational structures, it MFIs and SMEs in our country. In this context, this research analyzed the progress and development financial institutions (MFIs) and their impact on the promotion and development of SMEs in Albania. Through performance evaluation of leading MFIs operating in our country, it is examining the potential opportunity and the role they play in increasing the profitability of SME's. The financial industry is considered more important seeing that they contribute to the economic development of the country. As MFIs seek self ongoing funding would successfully realize their business, they should be very careful in the administration of resources through evaluation of financial activity indicators. Analysis of the financial statements of MFIs regulated by special laws and supervised by the Bank of Albania. Analysis of financial and economic indicators of an MFI done through an analysis known as CAMEL reports. CAMEL reports are used as a more efficient decision-making tool for assessing the performance of financial institutions to anticipate the future and their risk. To realize the full information required CAMEL evaluation of data from financial statements, information on operational activity, etc. macroeconomic information. MFIs develop internal and accounting procedures and internal control mechanisms to identify, record and monitor all potential exposure to them. Bank of Albania, in case of failure to meet its obligations and requirements apply supervisory measures, preventive and punitive provided by law. Seen under this perspective, we must qualify for MFIs that have taken in the study are faced restrictions on their financial statements. So with the data available we will try to estimate the financial reports for each IMF review (FED Invest SCA, BESA Found, NOA, Vision Fund Albania, and FAF) and the total system of MFIs in Albania. These results are generated through an empirical analysis of IMFs in Albania and broke the are-consistent with the theory.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2017.v7n2p147


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