Relation between Burnout Syndrome and Resilience in Higher Teaching Activity


  • Juliana Carvalho de Sousa
  • Franscisco Roberto Pinto
  • José Carlos de Lacerda Leite
  • Antônio de Pádua Araújo
  • Pablo Marlon Medeiros da Silva
  • Ahiram Brunni Cartaxo de Castro


The objective of this research was to analyze the relationship between burnout and resilience in teachers at a public university in the State of Cear?, Brazil. It is a case study, quantitative, descriptive and explanatory. Data were collected through questionnaires: characterization of respondents, MBI-ED scale and Human Resilience. In the canonical correlation, a low explanatory power was observed between the constructs. The modeling of structural equations indicated that the dimensions self-sufficiency, sense of life, equanimity and perseverance of resilience, presented significant results to act in the protection of some dimensions of Burnout Syndrome.


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de Sousa, J. C., Pinto, F. R., Leite, J. C. de L., Araújo, A. de P., da Silva, P. M. M., & de Castro, A. B. C. (2018). Relation between Burnout Syndrome and Resilience in Higher Teaching Activity. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 9(5), 177. Retrieved from