"Black Swan" Event as Manifestation of Uncertainties in Public Administration


  • Igor Vladislavovitch Ponkin


Public administration, today, in practice is projected, programmed and realized today, as a rule, as though it occurred in the conditions of high degree of definiteness. This article is devoted to research of uncertainties in public administration, in particular, the so-called "black swan" phenomenon in public administration has been investigated. Aim: the purpose of the article included: to define a concept of uncertainty of public administration, consequences of such uncertainties, to consider the concept and features of the "black swan" event in public administration and to consider the existing scientific interpretations of this concept. Methods: to achieve aims mentioned above, such methods as the method of analysis, synthesis, classification method, and others were used. Results: the article presents the author's concept of uncertainty, defined place of certainty in the process of public administration and the classification of types of "black swan" events.


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