Overview of the Prime Health Care Performance in Albania


  • Sllavka Kurti Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. Albania
  • Petrit Dollani Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. Albania


Health is a very important aspect of human life, a fundamental human right. Even philosophically, people often refer to the
concept of health as "a goal of existence." For this reason, healthcare should be considered as an important social goal of all individuals,
all sectors and all institutions of a country. "Health should be an absolute priority order, as is an 'input' essential for economic
development of society." After 1990 , the Albanian health faced a degradation and a greater disorganization. From a health system,
which face challenges to recovery and treatment of diseases in epidemic form, it should be transformed into a new system that will be faced
with new challenges related to the change of economic system, political opening country and its transformation into a country with market
economy. No doubt that this radical change brought with it many challenges, but more importantly it was to find the key to realize the
fundamental transformation of the health system itself and in the context of that primary. In this regard following the establishment of the
Institute of Health Insurance, definitely the most important decision-making was to change the system of financing in the primary system
by linking funding to service providers with their performance level. This paper introduces and analyses in general the prime health care
focusing particularly on the health centers performance by analyzing different indicators. Greater difficulty in this regard was the
construction of a scoring system, which can be measured in a realistic and objective performance level attained by the primary service
providers. The paper is prepared by exploring the published literature and collecting data through secondary sources. Several data sources
have been used to describe the PHC reform as well as the HC performance in the entire territory.


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