SMEs and Enterprises, Represent Potential Employment and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies in Albanian Development


  • Hava Muçollari Agricultural Tirana University, Albania, Accountability Expert
  • Alba Dumi Dean of Graduated School” Ismail Qemali” Vlore University”
  • Lidra Kukaj “Ismail Qemali” University, Albania, Vlore Albania


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of all economies and are a key source of economic
growth, dynamism and flexibility in advanced industrialized countries, as well as in emerging and developing economies.SMEs
constitute the dominant form of business organization, accounting for over 95% and up to 99% of enterprises depending on the
country. They are responsible for between 60-70% net job creations in OECD countries. Small businesses are particularly
important for bringing innovative products or techniques to the market. Financing is necessary to help them set up and expand
their operations, develop new products, and invest in new staff or production facilities. Many small businesses start out as an
idea from one or two people, who invest their own money and probably turn to family and friends for financial help in return for a
share in the business. But if they are successful, there comes a time for all developing SMEs when they need new investment to
expand or innovate further. That is where they often run into problems, because they find it much harder than larger businesses
to obtain financing from banks, capital markets or other suppliers of credit. This “financing gap” is all the more important in a fastchanging
knowledge-based economy because of the speed of innovation. Innovative SMEs with high growth potential, many of
them in high-technology sectors, have played a pivotal role in raising productivity and maintaining competitiveness in recent
years. If SMEs cannot find the financing they need, brilliant ideas may fall by the wayside and this represents a loss in potential
growth for the economy.


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