The Fight for Balkan Latinity (II). The Aromanians after World War


  • Giuseppe Motta Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.


The article focuses on the Vlach question after the first World War, when the Balkan region was finally divided among
the different national States and the Ottoman Empire collapsed. In this period the Aromanian communities had to find a new
policy inside a new scenario and addressed towards different options represented by Albania, Italy and Romania. In a first time
Vlachs also tried to create an autonomous principality of Pindus but this experience was short-lived and did not produce tangible
results. On the contrary, during the interwar period the Vlachs consolidated their privileged relationship with Romania and
established an influent group at Bucharest, where they partecipated to the internal political life even supporting the most radical
movements such as Corneliu's Codreanu Iron Guard.


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