Corruption Reduction in Nigerian: Appraisal of the Role of Music


  • D. O. A. Ogunrinade Osun State College of Education, Ilesa, Nigeria


Corruption, also known as dishonesty has been the major hindrance to the development of a nation. The resultant effect of this
deceit to any country is backwardness and underdevelopment. The root of corruption grows from the heart of a dissatisfied
person. Such an individual does not find happiness from within and thus hankers for fulfillment in wealth, power and fame. He
is hungry spiritually, so he gets his temporary pleasures from the world. It is a deep problem that can only be purged by
strength more superior than political power. Music as one of the most common means by which man expresses his emotions,
feelings and sentiments has the ability and the power to shape and reshape the character of human beings since it performs
innumerable functions from birth through adolescence to adulthood and at death in African setting. Similarly, it plays important
roles in daily activities of man and its relevance in curbing social vices in the society cannot be over emphasized since
corruption is a behavioural pattern than ordinary occurrence. An effort is made in this article to examine the concept of
corruption, its effect on the nation economy, Music attributes to humanity and its roles to control this social device called
dishonesty are the key motivator for this paper.


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