Alcohol Consumption Habits and Perceptions among Students

  • Mimoza Zhubi University of Applied Sciences, Ferizaj, Kosovo
  • Dren Zhubi Independent Researcher, Prishtina, Kosovo
  • Agron Bajraktari University of Applied Sciences, Ferizaj, Kosovo


For a long period of time, alcohol consumption has been considered a shortcut to relieve stress and modify behavior in order to have a better time and provide a pleasant company in the eyes of other fellow companions. This is peculiarly valid for young ages who occupy a more active social life. The habit of alcohol consumption has been repeatedly evaluated and each time a different factor has appeared to play a role in its development. Alcohol beverages are consumed by students at different rates in different countries. High-income countries seem to have a wider range of consumption among students, even though their rules in alcohol consumption seem to be stricter. Meanwhile, fewer evaluations have been provided in this aspect in low-income countries. What seems to be interesting is that different circumstances that accompany living in low-income countries may obtain a valuable set of results that would provide a solid comparison between alcohol consumption habits between students in low-income countries and high-income countries. The use of such data may facilitate the implementation of alcohol policies and regulations accordingly.


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Zhubi, M., Zhubi, D., & Bajraktari, A. (2020). Alcohol Consumption Habits and Perceptions among Students. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 11(5), 23.