Children's Drawings as Input for the Development of Designs for the Contemporary Metal Jewelry


  • Lobna Abdel Aziz Mohamed Baiomy Lecturer, Department of Art Education Faculty of Specific Education - University of Kafr El-Sheikh Specialization - Metal Working


The childhood of the most important stages of human life and showing the growth of physical and intellectual, where expression through fonts, colors and composition of shapes and what is going on in their imagination, and drawing when the kids the art of stand-alone draws its expressions and colors from the world of the child himself, and appeared in the twentieth century great interest in the arts the child because of the importance of educational, artistic and aesthetic, it appears through which trends of child and his ideas and his environment where he grew up, expressing genuinely about his feelings in fees innate, and displays the search properties fee children in the age group of (6-9), a stage percept formal analysis, and characteristics (in fees repetitions, exaggeration and deletions, flatness, transparency, combining different surfaces at the same time, the combination of different times and places in one space), and draw inspiration those traits and characteristics to develop designs for the contemporary metal jewelry.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n11p226


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