The Efficacy of Teacher-Parent Rapport on B osnian High School Students’ English Language Skills


  • Ekrem Eroz International Burch University
  • Azamat A. Akbarov International Burch University


In education, the efficacy of teacher-parent rapport (interconnection) is of great importance in learner’s educational, social and private life. I think parents can play a pivotal role in fostering a very delicate and crucial relationship between the student and the teacher. Accordingly, family is a positive ignition in learner’s learning process at any given time. In this study, we set our sights on to research the efficacy of teacher-parent rapport on 32 Bosnian high school EFL learners’ competency in their target language. Add to that, we researched to decide the function of Bosnian learners’ families’ roles in education and to detect whether this rapport prompts the parents or not. In this study, we held a correspondence with parents by’ Smart School’ (e-school). It is called ‘elektroniski dnevnik’ in Bosnia. Smart School applications are primarily developed for the purpose of better informing parents, having in mind to be short, light and offer more accessible way to obtain information about the marks and the absence of their child. By way of addition, in our research, parents had ability to check grades online through the internet and we sent SMS messages. By these Smart School mails and messages, we daily informed parents about learner’s marks in exams and quizzes, projects, and the learner’s behavioral matters and absence or presence of their children. At the end of this study, we have found that daily interconnection and corresponding with parents can improve the learner’s English markedly. Especially home-visit of English teacher to student’s home was appreciated by parents. In parallel with, the high value that we have given to this rapport honored parents and prompted them.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n4p656


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