“Climate Finance Issues”: Implications for Climate Change Adaptation for Food Security in Southern Africa


  • Costa Hofisi PhD, NorthWest University
  • Blessing Chigavazira
  • Stephen Mago
  • Miriam Hofisi North West University.


Global development has been asphyxiated by climate change as evidenced by significant repercussions on the world economy.While agriculture is the backbone of most developing economies in the global south, this sector is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Grim statistics point to a bleak future if the risk posed by climate change is not tackled.The impact of climate change has generally seen precipitation increasing in the Global North while the same has decreased in the Global South resulting in both wetter and drier scenarios. This scenario has meant that global food security is under threat.It is against this background that climate change adaptation becomes significant in averting the climate change induced food crisis. However, the UNFCCC “funding streams” for climate change adaptation strategies have been criticised for being financially and technically inadequate for meeting the adaptation needs of poor countries that are more vulnerable to climate effects. The disbursal of climate change is inefficient and more costly. African countries have also been clamouring for direct access to climate finance. Therefore, the ravaging impact of climate change on global development lingers. While there are debates on climate finance for effective adaptation, the resolution of issues involved is key if the battle against climate change is to be won. It is important that adaptation is mainstreamed in government policies, mainly, in the developing countries for effective financing of climate change adaptation to be realised while the poor and most vulnerable in developing countries should be given priority.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n6p47


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Stephen Mago

University of Fort Hare,




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Hofisi, C., Chigavazira, B., Mago, S., & Hofisi, M. (2013). “Climate Finance Issues”: Implications for Climate Change Adaptation for Food Security in Southern Africa. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(6), 47. Retrieved from https://www.richtmann.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/view/282

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