Emerging Issues in Poverty and Slavery in India


  • Badar Alam Iqbal


Since independence of India, one of the biggest challenges that the country has been facing is reduction in poverty. More than six decades have been passed out; poverty has been persisting in the country especially in rural India (the real India) popularly known as ‘Bharat”. India contributes a third of the global poor. China contributes 13 per cent of the global poor. In respect of poverty China is better off than India. Time to time different studies have been carried out to measure the magnitude of Indian poverty, but correct picture has not been emerged out. The present paper tries to analyze emerging trends in Indian poverty on the one hand and on the other hand to discuss different issues which are coming up in regard to taking measures in reducing poverty The paper further examines a comparison of India with China’s poverty scenario.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n21p335


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