Developing European Citizien Model Through Language Learning Process


  • Migena Alimehmeti


The learning of a foreign language goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. What is at issue in the learning process is in terms of values such as learning tolerance and peace. It is to educate and prepare students to open themselves to another culture, to confront a different way of life and thinking. While learning a foreign language, the student comes into contact with another lifestyle, habits and tradition. He will find out that in Europe nothing is ever totally different or quite similar. The learning of a foreign language does not imply linguistic and communicative skills only, but also the education of the future European citizen. For purposes of this study, we have carried out a questionnaire with about 126 pupils and students. The purpose of this questionnaire is to highlight their capacity to develop a European citizen model through language learning process. Considering their responses, it is noted that our pupils and students focus mainly on learning a foreign language as a separate process without linking it directly with the recognition of another civilization. Also, pupils have not many information about the two concepts: the European citizen and national citizen. They consider this concepts as separate from one-another. Other questions in this questionnaire are focused on issues such as for example the organization of debates as language activity; if they feel active during the debates; if they have ever felt prejudiced during this activity in class; how are resolved a “conflict” situation created in class; if they are able to distinguish the intolerance symptoms like the prejudice, stereotype, ostracism.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n19p147


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