Albanian language face globalization challenge or developmental trend?


  • Gladiola Durmishi (Elezi)


Language reflects a nation. Language is the clearest view of a nation and its culture. The extent to which the language is enriched and purified is an indicator of the level of this culture. So, national revivals have always gone parallel to the adding elements from the language itself and cleansing of foreign words that have flowed from other language. This is continuing even today ... Cleaning the language from this phenomenon is a scientific and national task. "Albanian language science has appreciated the work done by the best old and renaissance authors for cleaning the Albanian language from unnecessary foreign words. We still continue to make efforts to clear the Albanian literary language in order not to let the values of our language disappear and preserve its connections with the literary language. Globalization, although it is good for the development of the most undeveloped countries, has turned into a persecution of cultures throughout the world. It seems that Tosk and Geg dialect and Albanian literary language too, will be soon as the precious things we keep in the museum, which are of a great value but useless. Is there a solution to avoid this happening to this beautiful and ancient language? Of course there is. It’s up to the government to help preserve mother tongue as it is, as other countries around the world are already doing. The Albanian language is full of foreign words, archaize, regional belonging and atrocities. Globalization is based on society and as a starting point it has the competitiveness. Many analysts in the world, when talking about globalization often recognize that globalization is a human perspective process and as such is inevitable. In order to scrap this division between people, new and accessible ideas should be found. Otherwise this may lead to utopia. What would Gjon Buzuku had thought when he wrote ''Meshar”? He wrote this book to tell albanians that Albanian language should be used in religious services, but today we already have many foreign words, neologisms, archaize and regional belonging. Albanian language is facing globalization with both, its positive and negative sides. We should realize that without foreign words Albanian can not survive, but we need a cultural and language policy, a language planning for foreign words and their usage. A policy that would not only end in drafting the principles and criteria, but to put them into use, too. With good planning language can ensure proper integration of foreign words within the language standard, because the standard language only in this way can maintain its identity and integrity.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n19p626


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