Admirative In Turkish, Albanian And Romanian Languages


  • Xhemile Abdiu


Turkish admirative mood presents a different structure comparing with the same mood in other languages. This mood exists even in Albanian and Romanian languages. As it’s known they have their own characterictics of the way in which they are formed, their structures and the stylistic values. In this paper we will talk about the stylistic value of this mood in Turkish, Albanian and Romanian languages. We will try to explain the structure of this mood in these languages and will try to explain the use of this mood in different contexts giving examples from each languages. The Turkish admirative doesn`t influence in admirative mood of Albanian, Bulgarian and Romanian languages. In Albanian language the admirativ mood presents an authentical mood that is very different from this mood in Turkish. In Romanian languages we have some partical contexts in which this mood is using and a different structure of it. Each language has its own structure and stylistical values. We will try to distinguish the differences between the way of expressing in admirative mood in these languages and giving examples comparing these structure.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n19p634


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