Causes and Consequences of Extra-Marital Relations in Married Women: A Case Study of Darulaman Sargodha


  • NabeelaMalik
  • YasirNawaz
  • BabakMehmood
  • FarahRiaz
  • Shahzad KhaverMushtaq
  • Muhammad ijazKhan


The main purpose of the present research was to explore why married women Involve in extra-marital relations and elope with their boyfriends as a consequence and seek Shelter in Darulaman to get divorce and remarry. Mostly women in Darulaman faced a number of issues like family pressure.their personal liking, Fear and some other socio-psychological problems.For the present study, twenty cases were sampled from the targeted population through the purposive sampling technique and interview guide was administered by the researcher consisting of the following parts; a) Identification of respondent, b) demographic characteristics, c)Family factors, d) Relatives factors, e) Societal factors and Psychological factors f)economic factor, g)religious factors, h)impact on children. Case study method was used as a technique of data collection. Thematic analysis was done after the collection of actual data from the field. The major findings showed that women eloped with their boyfriends and joined Darulamans to get rid of forced marriage and marry a person of their choice, to get free from cruel clutches of male domination and suppression, to run away from suffocated atmosphere of in-law, to get rid of old age impotent husbands, to get more economic security, to improve standards of living and with a dream to live better living

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n23p2044


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Malik, N., Nawaz, Y., Mehmood, B., Riaz, F., Mushtaq, S. K., & Khan, M. ijaz. (2014). Causes and Consequences of Extra-Marital Relations in Married Women: A Case Study of Darulaman Sargodha. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(23), 2044. Retrieved from

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